I have worked with the coaches at Spark Healthy Runner program for the past two years, and they are amazing! When I was training on my own I was getting injured, but now I feel great and haven’t had any injuries. Their strength training and smart running programs prepared me for my first marathon. I was able to meet my goal time and really enjoy my race experience thanks to coach Lu! I highly recommend Duane and his team!

Rachel B.

I joined the Healthy Runner Coaching Program after listening to many of Duane’s podcasts while training for my first marathon. Toward the end of my training I was having hip pain and later found out that I had arthritis. Not willing to hang up my running shoes I reached out to with Duane and was assigned to work with Coach Cat. She was amazing to work with! She gave me a personalized strength training program to rehab my hip and a running plan that ultimately improved my running pace.  I’m happy to say that after 4 months I’m running pain free!! Thank you so much to Coach Cat and Coach Duane for your guidance and support!

Stephanie G.

Spark Healthy Runner was my first run coaching experience after competing in college. After a much needed break from competitive running, I decided to give Spark running a shot. I worked with Whitney and Duane to manage my chronic posterior tibial tendinitis (something I now do not struggle with) and to increase my mileage safely. Whitney pushed me more than I would’ve pushed myself and it felt amazing to be able to complete long runs with ease again. I found my confidence and love for running again.

I would recommend the program to any runner. Especially those who feel defined by their injuries. I no longer feel like my injuries hold me back and I can truly chase down longer distances! It’s not about the racing for me and I’m just happy to be out doing what I love without pain or worry.

Brooke C.

I started running in February of 2022 and between February and July it felt like I was consistently in the injury cycle every 3-4 weeks from doing too much, too fast, too soon. I hurt myself 1 week before my first 10k Coach Cat was tasked with helping me navigate 2 injuries of mine, all while having 16 weeks to get me ready for my first half marathon, double the longest runs I was doing! Fast forward those 16 weeks, and I got through the training, healthy and injury free and got through the half marathon feeling strong and steady! Can’t wait to continue these practices on my own. And I’ll definitely be looking for their guidance when I move up to a full marathon in the future!

Dan A.

I started back my running journey with Duane from Spark healthy runner back in January 2022 I haven’t ran for over 5 years due to an ITB issue and I came across Spark healthy running podcast with Duane saying he could get runners back to running from injuries.  I had just been Accepted for the London Marathon in October 2022 and felt I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. The process was very quick and easy to get onboard with the programme. I had a Personal call from Duane I told him of my injury and my goal and he was very encouraging that within 16 weeks I would be pain free and able to run 5 miles. I wasn’t sure if that was possible as I couldn’t run more that half a mile without pain in my knee. I had a programme that was tailored made for me which included strength and conditioning as well as walk/running to start with to build up my running time.

Duane was always on hand to reassurance and answer any of my questions no matter how small they were.

I live in the Uk but the online platform that Duane uses meant I could upload my training in real time and Duane was always able to track my progress.

After the 16 weeks I was pain free and able to run 5 miles.

I have since gone on to complete the London Marathon but I know without my base training with Spark Healthy Runner it would not have been possible. I can’t recommend his service enough and would say to anybody that has had to stop running due to injury that Duane is very approachable and will happily answer any questions you may have.

Dawn T.

I’ve loved the one-on-one coaching from the Healthy Runner team. I worked with Coach Cat who was so responsive to my beginner questions and tailored a plan to my specific needs. It was great being able to tap into Duane’s knowledge as a physical therapist too. The strength training part of my training plan was key and made very accessible.

I went from a clueless beginner frustrated with running aches and pains to feeling empowered and having the confidence to push myself. Worth the investment!

Kristen V.

I’d been listening to Duane’s podcast for some time and knew he would be the best to help me learn to run more efficiently to heal my knee pain and prevent injuries. He is so knowledgeable and seems to have his training plan down to a science. I am more comfortable running longer distances now and know exactly what to do to get my body stronger so I can continue to run for years to come. I highly recommend Duane and his team!

Lara S.

Wanting to run more consistently, and to increase my long run distance and total weekly mileage, I was concerned about hip pain due to hip alignment issues. This is an issue I had when I trained for my first half marathon several years ago. Having listened to the Healthy Runner podcast for the past couple years, I knew Duane Scotti could help. I signed up for the four-month strength and running training program and am extremely happy with the results.

The program Duane and Coach Whitney developed for me was exactly what I needed. It was tailored to my needs and to my target race. Coach Whitney was very helpful, and with the biweekly coaching calls, we were able to fine tune the program based off my performance and feedback.

At the end of the program, I completed a 10K trail race feeling strong and pain free!

I highly recommend Duane Scotti and the Healthy Runner training programs.

Roger S.

I joined Spark Healthy Runner after listening to numerous podcasts by Duane and finding myself wondering if he and his team could help me move past some Achilles and lower leg discomfort after long runs.

I enjoyed the one on one experience and was paired with Coach Cat who was amazing and felt she was the perfect fit for me since we both are avid treadmill runners in addition to outside running.

The monthly meetings and weekly private message check ins with Coach Cat and welcoming interactions with the Facebook group was very encouraging, motivating and supportive.

My end results helped me address and reduce my lower leg discomfort and eliminate my Achilles pain in addition to having successful races where I hit my personal goals and even shaved off almost 5 minutes between 2 half marathons that were less than a month apart.

This a great community which I would highly recommend to anyone who is seeking to continue running and as pain free as possible.

Kim C.

I started running 4 years ago at the age of 40 and I fell in love with it. But I was always getting injured and any progress I made immediately stopped. I contacted Coach Duane and he immediately found the problem and prescribed a very detailed strength program and running program to help me reach my goal of running a half marathon. I am very happy to say that this past weekend I ran a sub 2 hour half marathon!  This program is wonderful especially the 1 on 1 access to the coaches. Anytime I needed Duane he was there for me and gave me the confidence to achieve my goals and giving me the tools to go forward to run injury free and work for new goals. I will recommend this program to any runner.

Mark V.

My Healthy Runner journey started after I had battled bilateral achilles pain for a few months and was frustrated how it affected my running. As soon as I talked to Duane I knew I had made the right decision. His positivity, enthusiasm and genuine care are infectious. The training plan that was tailored to me included specific exercises to rehab my injury and I was so excited that I didn’t have to stop running! It took patience to only run slow for a few weeks but I trusted the process and it got me me to where I am now: running pain free. We made adjustments to the plan throughout whenever needed having someone in your corner that is always there with guidance and support throughout the process was invaluable.

I just ran my second half marathon, both with Duane’s coaching, and PR’d by over 9 minutes! I got all choked up in the last mile when I realized that I felt strong and could still kick it up a notch.

I’m so thankful for the Healthy Runner program, community and the entire coaching team for all the support!

Katja L.

I have always been a long distance runner. I decided to join the Healthy Runner Coaching Program because I needed structure in my runs, strength workouts, motivation to help me reach my ultimate goals of running without pain, and ultimate race time goals that I have been stuck on trying to make progress.

My experience in the program has been amazing. Being able to message either one of my coaches with any concerns is very convenient. I do not believe I would have been able to get stronger on my own without their input on what I should do to become a stronger and faster runner. Coach Lu and Coach Duane have been amazing with coming up with different workouts to do. I could not become a stronger runner without them. I was able to increase both my muscle endurance, speed, and weekly milage because they were able to push me to my goals.

I highly recommend the Healthy Runner Coaching Program to anyone who feels they need something to help them reach their running goals!

Liz F.
I’ve now worked through two injuries with Coach Duane. The first time around, he not only helped me recover from a calf injury but helped me finally (finally!) achieve the sub-2 hour half marathon time I’d been working toward. More recently, a long ago back injury flared up. Duane referred me to a PT near my home who helped with my rehab, and kept me on a solid training plan that allowed me to retain my fitness while I healed. I’m now back to full capacity, running pain free and gearing up for lots of fun spring races. I really can’t recommend Duane and his team highly enough, and I’m looking forward to continuing to work with his coaches this year.
Katie H.
If you’re a runner, especially an injured or previously injured runner, you need to talk to Duane ASAP! I found the Healthy Runner podcast about 6-9 months ago after dealing with plantar fasciitis for about two years, of which I hadn’t been running for a year. I tried different shoes, stretches, other healthcare professionals, etc and nothing was making it better. After talking with Duane, I knew the Healthy Runner program was for me. He took the time to get to know me and my issues and created a plan that would get at the root cause of the injury. When I started the program almost four months ago, I was only able to run a mile and now I’m doing seven with my sights set on a half marathon this spring. I never really believed I could run pain free again and NEVER would have thought that I could continue running while rehabbing, thank you Duane for giving me back the gift of running! If you are on the fence about the program, do it, you will thank yourself later!
Owen A.

Cannot recommend this program enough! I have been running for about eight years but have always been self taught. In the past two years I went through a nasty battle with plantar and some knee pain that sidelined me from running. Working one on one with Coach Lu changed the game for me! Coach Lu really pushed me in my running and taught how to build a solid running base and incorporate strength training sessions and my much loved yoga classes. Because of the help from Coach Duane and Coach Lu I was able to run my first half marathon since 2017 and complete the entire thing pain free! Definitely recommend trying the program!!

Holly Z.

I met my goal of running my first marathon in 2021 thanks to Dr. Scotti and his Healthy Runner coaching team!

The strength training plan along with the run training schedule along with the one-on-one guidance from Coach LaToya set me up for success. I previously tried to train for a marathon without coaching support, and I sustained an injury (that Dr. Scotti assisted with – see prior review). The Healthy Runner program provided everything I needed to train properly to avoid injury and successfully reach my goal.

Dr. Scotti, Coach LaToya and the entire Heathy Runner coaching team and community provided invaluable support. Coach LaToya is so knowledgeable and always provided inspiration and encouragement to trust the process and myself. I finished my marathon injury free and within the time I hoped to finish!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Healthy Runner coaches!!

Amber D.

I have been running about two years and didn’t have a specific training plan. I wanted to improve my performance and maybe set a PR so I signed up Dr. Scotti’s training program for half marathon. When I first start it as the workload increases, I started to have some aches and pains to my right shin and left hip. Dr. Scotti’s strength training program really helped me to strength my muscles. As my muscles get stronger, the aches and pains are gone. I felt strong and fit and looking forward to run the Cheshire half marathon.

I can’t thank Duane and his coaching team enough, especially coach Lu, for helping me fulfill my marathon dream!!! I have participated in the Healthy Runner Coaching Program twice now and all the coaches were very supportive. Coach Lu would adjust the training plan to my schedule which made it easier for me to follow. Duane’s strength training helped me to get stronger so I can run faster without injury. Coach Lu’s knowledge, tips, strategies and support not just helped me finish my first marathon but crushed my goal! I recommend the Healthy Runner Coaching Program 100% if you want to take your running to the next level. Just be consistent and trust the process, you will crush your next race with this team!

Annie W.

Coach Duane definitely put the SPARK back into my running! I reached out to him about 5 months after I started running because I was having hip and Achilles pain. I had signed up for a half marathon and not only did I need some guidance on how to train, I was ready to quit running altogether because of the pain. Coach Duane gave me mobility and strength exercises which I diligently did and within a month the hip pain was gone. The Achilles took a bit longer but eventually they became strong enough to handle the longer miles. And yes, I continued to run during this time! Coach Duane was always just a text away when I had questions and our monthly Zoom calls were key to my progress. My goal half marathon was in October and I crossed the finish line pain free and faster than I thought I was capable of running over that distance. You don’t need to be an elite runner to have a running coach. If you have pain or you want to get faster, invest in yourself. You’re worth it!! Thank you so much, Coach Duane!

Lisa G.
Hear what more runners like you had to say about Healthy Runner Coaching
I have been an avid runner for years and have had my share of injuries. Usually it would prevent me from running for a bit. Recently, I was signed up for a destination half marathon with my kids. I was having pain where my hamstring met my glute. I did not want to stop running but it was getting too painful to suffer through. A friend had spoken to me about Duane awhile ago so I decided to give him a call, I am so glad I did. I was diagnosed with Proximal Hamstring Tendinitis. Duane knew exactly where to start since he had also suffered from this condition. He set me up with a training program that not only kept me running but I completed the half marathon in a better time than I ever expected. Duane is very dedicated as a coach and physical therapist. His passion for helping runners heal as they continue to run is very evident. I am running without pain and learned so much in the process. I highly recommend Duane. Thank you!
MaryKay G.

Spark Healthy Runner, Coach Cat and Duane are an absolute must for anyone wanting to start running, get stronger in running or need help recovering from injuries. I developed what was a lifestyle changing injury in December 2021. I was immediately sidelined with horrible pain. I was told by a doctor I needed to stop running, get custom orthotics, consider steroid injections and told to rest my foot for 4-8 weeks—All mostly outdated advice for this type of injury. I started physical therapy with (2) different physical therapist in February and March and both were not performing the way I needed them.

I was becoming desperate and found Spark Healthy Runner, made the appointment with Duane and he immediately encouraged me and provided me a plan with my personalized running coach, Coach Cat! She is awesome, understanding and always responds to my plethora of questions and always supports me. Having access to an amazing PT like Duane makes this program a no brainer for anyone who wants to start running, improve running or recover from injury.

I highly recommend Coach Cat, Duane and Spark Healthy Runner! There is simply no one else out there that I found that proved the service and care that Spark does.

Michael V.

When extended rest didn’t improve the hamstring pain I felt when running, I wasn’t sure what else to do. Fortunately, I heard Dr. Duane Scotti discussing his practice treating injured runners, some of whom had hamstring pain like mine. I wasn’t sure how well virtual PT would work, but I was immediately reassured by Dr. Scotti’s professionalism and obvious expertise. I received a clear, well structured rehabilitation program, complete with multiple avenues of support and feedback. My hamstring improved steadily, and I have just completed a half-marathon with no running pain at all. During my journey of rehabilitation, I learned quite a lot about the sort of strength training necessary for runners, and my overall strength and fitness has improved. I feel very fortunate to have discovered this program, and strength training will continue to be an essential part of my training.

Victoria H.

This is a fantastic program and Duane is an amazing PT! I am extremely happy with my progress over the past 4 months under Duane’s guidance. I highly recommend seeing him if you are sidelined by running injuries!

I struggled with Achilles tendonitis and IT band syndrome for over a year and had been off running for 8 months when I first met Duane and enrolled in his “Spark Back” program. During our first meeting, he did a detailed physio assessment and analyzed my running gait, noticing a number of weaknesses and biomechanics issues that past PTs I had seen had missed. He gave me tips for improving my running form and within a month my running technique was so much more comfortable and efficient.

The running and strength program Duane gave me was perfect. I gradually built up running-specific strength in the gym, while increasing my mileage from 20 minutes of run/walk intervals at the beginning, to track workouts and 6 mile continuous runs. Given the state of my injuries 4 months ago, this feels like amazing progress!

Lindsey U.

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