His love for what he does definitely comes out in his work! My daughter is a dancer and has had her fair share of injuries. Duane has been hands down the best person to treat her. I highly recommend him due to his professionalism, range of knowledge, and personalization of treatment. Not only does he treat her but he also gives her personalized exercises to gain more strength and stability.

Michele G. (Dance Mom)

Duane is an avid runner and dance dad which gives him a unique hands-on understanding of the type injuries and therapy options available to athletes. He’s been instrumental in helping me stay healthy as I train for my first full marathon later this year.

Carlos E. (Runner)

In one word, TRUST. You can trust Duane Scotti to provide you with exceptional healthcare. My daughter is a competitive gymnast and has seen Duane every other week (pretty much) for 6 months. He has treated her for reoccurring heel pain and overall leg flexibility (and other aches and pains here and there). He has kept her in top condition despite the daily abuse her body takes from this relentless sport. He is excellent at listening to the athlete’s concerns, treating the problem, teaching the athlete how to maintain her health, and communicating with the parent. I highly recommend Duane, he is beyond exceptional.

Kirsten S. (Gymnastics Mom)

Being a dance instructor, Duane has helped me tremendously with all of the injuries I have had from teaching and dancing in college. He has also given me the right tools and tips for teaching dancers with injuries. As well as how to prevent them in my class with stretching and how to deal with students with injuries in order to make sure I do not push them too far.

Sydney B. (Dance Instructor)

Duane is an excellent PT! He treated my daughter for a dance injury and brought a unique perspective to her treatment due to his dance background. I have also seen Duane for a running injury. He got me back to my favorite activity and gave me exercises to continue my care at home. If you need a PT, Duane Scotti @ Scotti Performing Arts PT is the way to go!

Lauren C. (Runner)

Duane is great! My daughter is a competitive gymnast and Duane’s personalized treatment for her injury enabled her to recover faster. In addition to his skills as a PT he is personable, approachable, and great at communicating with us. Highly recommend!

Susan D. (Gymnastics Mom)

Duane is the best!! He got me back on my feet after a back injury. He’s on time and goes the extra mile in every appointment. Highest recommendation!!!

Shep S. (Active Adult)

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