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Black Currant Extract and Running

Have you struggled to recover from your runs and strength workouts?  Do your legs feel heavy or you just don’t have that push you need to run at race pace during your quality workouts?  Have you struggled with runners trots during long races?   Blackcurrant extract may just be the solution for you!  These berries have… View Article...

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3 Lessons Learned from Half Marathon Training

It’s not about the distance, it’s about the journey and last Saturday, I ran my 34th half marathon and although I didn’t quite hit my time goal, I learned 3 key takeaways from this race.   Mindset is a part of the training and you will learn how that played a role in my latest training… View Article...

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Marathon Training in Summer

Training for that fall marathon during the summer months?  I know I am!  I bet you would like to know more about how to train during the hot summer months and still have a successful marathon training cycle…   In this episode, our marathon training expert, coach Lufeng Zou from our Spark Healthy Runner coaching… View Article...

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