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How Do I Fuel My Body for a Half Marathon

  Have you been struggling with fueling your body properly for a half marathon?     Legs feel heavy, sluggish, or you hit the wall or bonked during your last half marathon?   Wondering what nutrition is needed for half marathon training?    In this episode, coach Brooke Czarnecki, RDN from our Spark Healthy Runner team… View Article...

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Fear of Running Injuries? Learn How to Prevent and Strengthen

  Fear of Running Injuries? Learn How to Prevent and Strengthen!   January and February are crucial months for building strength and preventing injuries as you start your running journey for the year.     If you have ever been told that you have “weak glutes” or “glute amnesia”, suffered from achilles tendinopathy, or a bone… View Article...

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Why Do I Have Shin Pain with Running

Do your shins hurt whenever you start to run consistently or whenever you start a marathon training cycle?…   Are you a runner who’s been frustrated in the past that whenever you try to run faster or increase your distance you get injured, frustrated, and you’re not able to run?   You may have started… View Article...

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