Running Injuries | 3 Reasons To Not Stop Running

Hello, Healthy Runners!


Have you been injured and thought to yourself…I should just stop running? As an injured runner you may have been told to stop running and rest in order to get rid of your pain.


Well meaning doctors are just trying to make you feel better and get rid of your running injury.  However, this could be a recipe for preventing you from getting back to the sport you love!


In this blog, I will break down 3 reasons to not stop running when you have a running injury.





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Let’s get into the three reasons you should not stop running when you have an injury!


1. You’ll lose your running fitness


When you stop running due to an injury, you start to lose the fitness that you’ve built up through training. Think about how you feel when you go a few days without running. Maybe you’re too busy, maybe you’re just not feeling up to your run… when you get back out to the pavement, you feel a little weaker, a little less able to get through that run. If you have an injury and your doctor tells you to stop running for 4 to 6 weeks, you’ll really feel the difference in your running capacity when you get back to running. Through your training you’ve built the ability to endure the effects on running on the body. You can continue to run through an injury, but perhaps modify your training for that week so that you don’t lose this fitness.


2. You’ll get weaker


When you rest due to an injury, you stop engaging your muscles, right? This means that your muscles are starting to atrophy and breakdown. By consistently training as a runner, you build up muscle strength, muscle tone and the ability to make it through your runs without compensations due to weak musculature. Taking time off from running for a few weeks will cause these strong muscles to weaken. You’ll lose the running fitness previously mentioned more quickly than you’ll lose muscle strength, but it only takes about 3 weeks of inactivity for muscles to begin to atrophy.


3. You’ll get stiffer


Let’s give an example with this one. Think about being in a stabilizing boot. This prevents any range of motion from happening at the ankle and forces the hips to compensate due to the added height on one side. When you finally get out of that stabilizing boot, your ankle range of motion is going to be significantly decreased, your hips may feel tighter, as well as your hamstrings. When you train consistently, you’re making sure that you’re stretching and through your running, you’re establishing good range of motion. Stopping this due to inactivity will cause muscles to tighten and your range of motion will decrease.


With the right guidance and instruction from a healthcare provider, you can continue to stay active through an injury. Obviously there are some injuries that you just cannot continue to train through – and that’s OKAY! We want to make sure we are staying healthy and smart above all else. However, certain injuries are simply set backs that we can work through to stay active, doing what we love!


If you are still worried that you may do more damage continuing to run with an injury, click this previously published blog article https://sparkhealthyrunner.com/should-i-stop-running-if-i-have-an-injury/ to learn about the 4 serious running injuries to never push through that will require you to stop running. 


You can also listen to Dr. Scotti share this information on the Healthy Runner Podcast…available wherever you get your podcasts!




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Thank you (running friends) for taking the time to read and I hope you enjoy the podcast episode!

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– Duane


Duane Scotti, PT, DPT, PhD, OCS



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My Healthy Runner journey started after I had battled bilateral achilles pain for a few months and was frustrated how it affected my running. As soon as I talked to Duane I knew I had made the right decision. His positivity, enthusiasm and genuine care are infectious. The training plan that was tailored to me included specific exercises to rehab my injury and I was so excited that I didn’t have to stop running. It took patience to only run slow for a few weeks but I trusted the process and it got me me to where I am now: running pain free. We made adjustments to the plan throughout whenever needed having someone in your corner that is always there with guidance and support throughout the process was invaluable.

I just ran my second half marathon, both with Duane’s coaching, and PR’d by over 9 minutes! I got all choked up in the last mile when I realized that I felt strong and could still kick it up a notch.

I’m so thankful for the Healthy Runner program, community and the entire coaching team for all the support!

Katja L.

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At the end of the program, I completed a 10K trail race feeling strong and pain free.

I highly recommend Duane Scotti and the Healthy Runner training programs.

Roger S.

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