Get the newultimate hamstring guide

Do you get that stubborn pain at the top of your hamstring right where it connects to your “sit bone” ?

This could be a dull achy pain that gets worse after your runs or sitting for a long period of time during your work day.

Do you dread long car rides?..

Like so many of you, I have suffered from proximal hamstring tendinopathy (PHT) when I started running and thought to myself…will it ever go away?

I have helped several runners overcome this stubborn chronic condition that is literally a pain in the butt and wanted to share the best tips and hamstring injury exercises that I have learned over my 17 year career as a physical therapist and running coach.

If you are a frustrated runner who has already been to physical therapy that included no running, heat, ice, massage and hamstring stretching and you are considering injections or surgery, please check the the tons of valuable audio, video, and written content I have compiled for you in this ultimate resource!

As you will soon find out, the best way to get you back to running and get rid of this butt pain forever looks much different than what you have been told and experienced in the past.

Here is a teaser… you don’t have tight hamstrings…and if you do it is not the reason why you have hamstring pain.